Borough Market

This renowned food market, close to More London, is a unique corner of the capital that captures our rich culinary history. Visitors can buy and huge range of exceptional British and International food, while enjoying the vibrant market atmosphere.

Delicious Food

At this historic market you can meet the stall holder producers who grow, rear and bake the food they sell. The market attracts enthusiastic amateur cooks, passionate professional foodies, top chefs and restaurateurs as well as those who just love good food.


A market has been on this site in one form or another for almost a thousand years and has had a chequered history, including being closed by Parliament in 1755, to be re-opened by a group of Southwark residents, demonstrating the power of the people, even then. There are over 100 individual stalls and a range of delicious fresh, seasonal food to sample and buy in London’s oldest market.

For further information:

"With 13.5 acres on the River Thames, opposite a world heritage site, More London demonstrates a fantastic opportunity to create a new style of working community in Central London."

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